Monday, 28 March 2016

Train food ordering

Log on at to order food online in train. Register with us and place your order by filling in some details like your PNR number, your train, the menu, the destination where you want your food to be served. Or else call us @8010802222. Now sit back and relax. Rest assured. You will get your food as per your order in any station you refer to. But yes, we will always look forward to your cooperation as well. So you need to place the order atleast 2 hours before your destination or the previous night itself. Whats more!!! We also have the option of cash on delivery and online payment mode. Train food ordering is so easy and simple at zoopinda.
Whats on our menu? Loads and loads of delicacies. You can dig into our North India, South India, Chinese delicacies. You can opt for our veg and non-veg thali. We have also special Jain thali prepared exclusively for the Jain passengers. You can also order various tasty rice combo meals like chana rice, dal rice, rajma rice. And then we have succulent biriyanis, luscious kadai paneer and paneer butter masala, egg curry, wide variety of Indian breads like as naan, parantha, lachcha paratha etc. You can pick individual items from our assortment of veg and non-veg dishes and make your own platter. Our breakfast items like as poha, bread toast, bread pakodas, parathas have always been appreciated by young and old. We can also serve mineral water, cold drinks and hot milk. We aspire to provide you with the best possible food so as to make your journey highly satisfying. And don’t worry about the quantity. It’s wholesome as well as flavoursome.
So come! Let your food ordering experience while travelling in trains be easy, fun and fulfilling like never before! Get your favourite food in train. Make your and your family’s train journey an exceptional one complemented with good food. We ensure easy and convenient availability of mouth-watering food treats with assortment and variety as per your choice. does not intend to remain simply as a train fooddelivery service provider but it aims to become your one stop destination for online food delivery. We aspire to become the most recommended name for our customers to remember with fondness and love. We strive to be the must-choice for every Indian passengers travelling in trains. Satisfy your taste buds while travelling by turning to us for food in train.

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