Monday, 19 December 2016

Indian railway online food service providers of the country is a leading online platform for food ordering in trains where you can order your favourite food with just a few clicks or just through a phone call. ZoopIndia was founded in 2015 as an online food delivery service provider for people travelling in trains. Within a very short span of time, it became an instant hit among the frequent train passengers and today has become one of the most recommended and popular Indian railway online food service providers of the country.
All orders placed with ZoopIndia are processed and delivered at the required station right at your seats. Backed by a team of enthusiastic young professionals with experience, expertise and skill in food service and hospitality industry, we are operating from Delhi NCR, offering our services in 200 locations across 2000 rail stations all over the country. We are in a rapid expansion mode and plan to expand our service to all parts of India in the near future so that food is available in all your train journeys, irrespective of the place and the station.
To place an order in ZoopIndia is very easy and simple. Just enter your PNR number or Train details on our site, along with your choice of food from the menu given and the location where you want the food to be delivered. Rest assured, your favourite food will be just at your seats as per your requirement. It is that simple. You can make online payment or you can opt for cash-on-delivery option. We ensure that every transaction you conduct online takes place in a safe and secure environment. If logging on the site seems to be cumbersome for you (though we assure you, it is not), we are just a call away. Just give us a call at 8010802222 and our ever-friendly, ever-helpful customer care team will be always there to help you. Call us and place your order. Sit back and relax and enjoy the journey. We are going to take care of the rest. At, our primary emphasis has always been on helping our customers save time and money. This is the reason, we have created this website that allows our customers to order food in the most efficient and effective way.
We are determined to provide our customers with swift service and convenient delivery of hot, fresh, yummy food at their seats. Train food ordering has never been so easy and fast!!! We have been appreciated not only for our highly reliable, professional and timely services but also for our food, which is nicely packed with special emphasis on flavours, hygiene and taste.
Today, has an affiliate network of popular restaurants, fast-food joints, food vendors and caterers in different cities and towns of India so that we can offer any type of food our customer wants. The choice of food items is wide and varied. For lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks, we have all the options available for you. You can enjoy your favourite Veg or Non Veg Thali, including the Jain Thali anywhere. We have also introduced various combo meals with rice and variety of Indian breads. We provide you a wide variety of scrumptious biryanis. Eating between meals is very common for all of us. So why not in trains? We offer some yummy snacks options, along with your favourite cold drinks and hot milk for kids. Our breakfast offerings are filling and tasty. You can opt for poha, bread pakodas, and even puri sabji, puri aaloo etc. For travelling individuals, ZoopIndia really provides the right food on the go. has created a platform where in the food vendors and restaurants in different parts of the country can register and receive orders from passengers seamlessly. To be efficient and also at the fore of technology, we have the best of people from different industry verticals to provide the best of services for our customers. With a dedicated 24x7 customer support, we assure the best train food delivery service that you can ask for.
We always want to keep our customers happy and satisfied so that we are always on their minds for their train journeys. We feel proud to say that most of our customers are repeated customers and most of the new ones are through referrals of our satisfied customers. We strive to maintain the best standards in train food order online by integrating the best customer support, latest technologies, and seamless communication to make your dining experience in your train journeys the best and the most memorable it can be.

ZoopIndia aims to create an international brand that can simplify food delivery in trains to all, across the entire nation. Henceforth, just prior to your train travels, log on at or call us @8010802222 and let us take care of your food on your journey.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Train Food Delivery Service in India

Zoopindia is a recently launched online platform for Train Food Delivery Service inIndia. Backed by a team of professionals who have years of experience in food catering and hospitality services industry, zoopindia is synonymous with quality service and tasty food.

Travelling by train has become very easy and comfortable with good food delivered by zoopindia. Launched in 2015, we give immense importance to customer satisfaction. With an objective to deliver the best food, we have tied up with a number of reliable and popular food joints, food caterers and vendors and restaurants in different locations of the country. Our main emphasis is to deliver food of your choice in any station from among the 200 locations we have covered so far. We are planning to cover more stations and trains so that we can assure you serving your favourite food on our travelling route in any location.

Choose from our vast selection of delicious food items across varied delicacies, popular in our country. We offer Indian to Punjabi to South Indian cuisines to veg and non-veg thalis to delicious main course combo meals or snacks along with your favourite soft drinks. We offer a wide assortment of yummy food items for our rail passengers so that they can get their food as per their choices while they are travelling.
Get hot food delivered right at your seats. How? It is very simple and easy. Log on at, enter your train details, order your food, pay online or pay when it’s delivered. Just wait and relax. Rest assured, it will be delivered at your train berth as per your choice of location. Enjoy your hot fresh food, nicely packed. You can also Order Food in Train by calling our customer-care executives @8010802222. Our attendants are courteous and always ready to help and give you the best services.

The best thing about zoopindia’s Food Delivery in Trains is that you get your food complemented with taste, flavour, hygiene. Above all, we believe in reliability, on-time delivery and affordable prices. We track the train movement in real time and make sure that that quality food is delivered to the passenger on time. Since the time of our inception, we have not let down our customers. Hence, we feel proud to say that most of our customers are our repeated customers.

So next time when you travel by train alone or with your family and friends, think about zoopindia. Order Food Online in Train through us and make your train journey memorable and comfortable. We assure a healthy and tasty meal of your choice during your train journey.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Train food delivery services in India by Zoop India

Zoop India is an online food platform delivering delicious and affordable food straight at your seats. All the meals are prepared by our expert chefs based in different cities and towns of our country. They use top notch ingredients to give you exquisite tasty food and meals every day. We were launched in 2014 as an online food provider in trains. Within a short time, we became a reliable partner of IRCTC e-caterers and our association with various popular food joints and restaurants in various locations of the country ensured tasty food delivery in trains.
Train food delivery services in India by Zoop India have changed the very face of Indian Railways, especially when it comes food in train. Zoop India lets you enjoy an exotic range of delicious food right at the seats during your train journey. Make the most of Zoop India’s food delivery services in trains in India.

Our ordering process takes pace just in a minute. Log on to the site Enter your PNR number or train details, choose your food item and place your order. You pay when your food is delivered. Our two-hour delivery slots make sure that there are no lapses in food deliveries. We deliver your choice of meal smoking hot right at your seat. We also have a 24-hour customer support team to help you with your orders. You can call us at 8010802222 to place your food order in trains. Or else, download the mobile app on your smart phone to place your order.
Zoop India is not just a food delivery, it is a fine dining experience. We are appreciated for our tasty food prepared in neat and hygienic kitchens, neatly packed and timely delivered. Now travelling in train is fun. You no longer need to worry about food. is there to pamper you with delicious and healthy food. You have lots of food options to choose from for your journey. Right from food thalis to biryanis both veg and non-veg, from rice/roti/veg fry to chicken, mutton and egg curry, from puri sabji to chole bhature, from North Indian, South Indian to Chinese delicacies, you have a whole platter of yummy dishes in front of you to tickle your taste buds.
If you are looking for a delicious food delivery full of variety, taste and flavours, look no further. Visit and enjoy delicious food in trains.

Thursday, 1 September 2016 to online train food delivery

Zoop India is an online food delivery portal, committed to provide a quick and easy way to connect train passengers with their favourite foods. Since our inception in 2015, the company has managed to establish themselves as one of the leading and the most reliable train food delivery service providers in the country.
Millions of passengers travel by trains in the country on a daily basis, yet there are many, who are scared of undertaking train journeys, the reasons being many. But one most common reason is food availability. Many dread consuming the unhygienic, tasteless pantry food. There are many who prefer to remain hungry and travel on an empty stomach. Under such circumstances, the inception of Indian railway online food service has been of great help to frequent train passengers. Zoop India has been conceived to make train journeys comfortable and enjoyable with good food.
It takes just a few clicks to place an online food order through Currently our food delivery services are available in more than 200 locations of the country and we are planning to cover more and more stations in varied locations so that food is available to all passengers anywhere in the country. 
What do we serve?
We offer a menu loaded with a wide range of delicacies. You can opt for our North Indian, South Indian, Chinese delicacies. You can dig into our veg and non-veg thalis, including the special Jain thali. There are various delicious rice combo meals like dal rice, chana rice, rajma rice for your lunch or dinner. You can also opt for succulent biriyanis, kadai paneer and paneer butter masala, luscious egg curry, other assortment of veg and non-veg dishes, along with naan, parantha, lachcha paratha etc. Our breakfast items like as poha, bread toast, parathas have always been appreciated by our regular customers. We aim to provide you with the best food so as to make your journey highly satisfying. We assure you a wholesome meal, that is not only filling for your stomach but also tasty and flavoursome.
How to place an order?
Log on to to order food online in train. Register with us by filling in some details like your PNR number, your train number, your choice of food, and the destination where you want your food to be served. We also have our customer care team to whom you can place your order through phone. Just call us at 8010802222. Next, you just enjoy your journey. Rest assured. You will get your food as per your order in any station you specify. The best part is that you can make your payments once the food is delivered. We offer cash-on-delivery services. So, there is a complete reliability in our services.
Our Mission

Zoop India’s primary mission is to be “the best and the most consistent online train food delivery chain in the country.” We consistently strive to improve ourselves by upgrading our menu, offering efficient customer service, and most importantly, we are committed to customer feedback and satisfaction.